List drivers on Windows XP or Windows 7 from command line

List drivers from command line Drivers can be listed in various methods. WMI is one of those methods to list drivers. c:> wmic path win32_pnpentity where (name like ‘%sixnet%’) > pnp.txt The above line uses WMI’s win32_pnpentity and looks for name matching sixnet. The results are output to pnp.txt file. For details, check out

Disable caps, nums, scroll lock notification on HP laptops by disabling HP Hotkey Support

Disabling HP Hotkey Support This article describes a method to help with disabling HP Hotkey Support. It also disables notification when disabling caps/num/scroll lock. I have an HP EliteBook with various HP software pre-installed. Activating CAPS, NUM, SCROLL lock etc. produces on screen display (OSD) indicating CAPS off or CAPS on etc. When the indicator […]