Convert to on an old Enfold theme

The problem Recently I came across a very old Enfold theme – version 3.6.1. The website would should visitors Not Secure instead of a padlock for SSL/TLS. The research Upon investigating the HTML DOM through View Source and Developer Tools in Chrome and Edge, it appeared there was only one http:// resource on an otherwise […]

Inspecting OpenEdge metadata with SQL

Inspecting OpenEdge metadata with SQL OpenEdge’s virtual system tables (VSTs) provide excellent statistics that help in database development and maintenance. This article shows a few SQL statements that help reveal information about the database. SQL to query metadata Show all VST tables that contain metadata. SELECT * FROM sysprogress.systables WHERE tbl like ‘sys%’; Find columns […]

Create table with SQL in OpenEdge

Create table with SQL in OpenEdge One of the most basic and important database objects is tables. We can create tables with either ABL or SQL. This article discusses how to create table with SQL and the various datatypes and constraints that can be used to create them. Documentation of create table is covered quite […]

Create sequence with SQL in OpenEdge

Create sequence with SQL in OpenEdge Sequences provides a bucket from which incremental numbers can be pulled. It is easy to create sequence in OpenEdge with both ABL and SQL. Documentation of sequence is covered quite well on The easiest way to create a sequence is like so: create sequence pub.seq_customer_id start with 0, increment […]

Commitment control with Commit and Rollback with SQL in OpenEdge

Committment control with Commit and Rollback using SQL and ODBC in OpenEdge Commitment control is an important part of a transactional system. OpenEdge supports the use of commit and rollback to allow for better control on transactions. Please use commitment control. By default, OpenEdge uses auto-commit ON, which means that insert, update and delete are […]

Is OpenEdge a Relational Database?

Relational and non-relational engines Is Progress OpenEdge a Relational Database Management System (RDBMS)? Professionals ask this question many times. OpenEdge has 2 engines – ABL and SQL. ABL engine is not relational. SQL engine is relational. So, let’s begin to understand why it is difficult to answer this question right away. Relational Database Different sites […]