DBeaver as OpenEdge SQL client

DBeaver SQL Client for OpenEdge Progress does not have a SQL Client like Microsoft has SQL Server Management Studio or MySQL has Workbench. DBeaver is an excellent SQL Client for OpenEdge using JDBC. This article discusses how to configure DBeaver to connect to OpenEdge using JDBC and execute SQL statements. Install DBeaver This article will […]

Select data with SQL from OpenEdge

Select data with SQL from OpenEdge We will attempt to select data from OpenEdge database table. Let’s assume that you have a client such as DBeaver set up. Connect to your OpenEdge database using ODBC. In my examples, I am using Sports2000 database. Let’s select departments from DEPARTMENT table. The fields of DEPARTMENT table are: DeptCode […]

Installing OpenEdge SQL Client Access ODBC drivers on Ubuntu 16.04

Progress OpenEdge SQL ODBC drivers You can obtain and install OpenEdge SQL Client Access drivers ODBC drivers (aka SQL ODBC drivers) from Progress’s Electronic Software Delivery (ESD) website. Contact Progress support or your account manager for details. SQL ODBC drivers for OpenEdge are available for Windows and Linux. This article focuses on installing SQL driver […]