Set up ODBC connection to OpenEdge

Files to set up Setting up of ODBC connection to OpenEdge requires /etc/odbcinst.ini to be update with the right drivers. Once that is done, OpenEdge can be accessed by either using a DSN or DSN-less connection string. It is assumed that you have set up and tested your SQL ODBC connection drivers. If not,¬†Installing OpenEdge […]

The model backing the ‘‘ context has changed since the database was created. Consider using Code First Migrations

DB Context has changed I was working with an example in Entity Framework 5 and ran across this commonly seen issue that DB context has changed, especially after changing my Books model.

This really mean that my database was unaware that my model was changed. My Books database had to be modified appropriately. Visual […]

Read-only member and constructor initialization in C#

Read-only member in C# There are times when we want to create a Person object with firstname and lastname and then ensure that the names are not changeable. Here’s one way of creating read-only member.

Read only member are not changeable by class methods. Only the constructor can change it. The member truly becomes […]

String is immutable

Someone asked me an interesting question. String is immutable. So how can we reassign a value to a string variable? Example of string immutable

The computer allocates memory to store John in firstname. When Matt is assigned to the same string, the computer finds a different space in memory to store Matt. Thereafter, space […]