Inspecting OpenEdge metadata with SQL

Inspecting OpenEdge metadata with SQL OpenEdge’s virtual system tables (VSTs) provide excellent statistics that help in database development and maintenance. This article shows a few SQL statements that help reveal information about the database. SQL to query metadata Show all VST tables that contain metadata. SELECT * FROM sysprogress.systables WHERE tbl like ‘sys%’; Find columns […]

Create table with SQL in OpenEdge

Create table with SQL in OpenEdge One of the most basic and important database objects is tables. We can create tables with either ABL or SQL. This article discusses how to create table with SQL and the various datatypes and constraints that can be used to create them. Documentation of create table is covered quite […]

Installing OpenEdge SQL Client Access ODBC drivers on Ubuntu 16.04

Progress OpenEdge SQL ODBC drivers You can obtain and install OpenEdge SQL Client Access drivers ODBC drivers (aka SQL ODBC drivers) from Progress’s Electronic Software Delivery (ESD) website. Contact Progress support or your account manager for details. SQL ODBC drivers for OpenEdge are available for Windows and Linux. This article focuses on installing SQL driver […]

Modern web applications and API with OpenEdge, SQL, ODBC and PHP

Progress OpenEdge Applications SQL engine in OpenEdge is a modern tool to expose OpenEdge data via ODBC and JDBC directly to API and web applications. SQL engine is fast, mature and requires minimal setup. To me, it seems like SQL is a very viable alternative to ABL in building web applications. Character (CHUI) or desktop-based […]