Want a free IBM AS/400 account with DB2 access?

Free AS/400 server access

RZKH hosts IBM iSeries (aka AS/400, aka System i, aka IBM i, aka OS/400 – people use these terms interchangeably) servers and are pretty darn good. One can request an account on their server by filling out RZKH request form for a free AS/400 account. At the time of this writing, they are hosting V5R3 and one can have access to DB2 V5R3 on their server. PUB400.com is the actual entity hosting the free IBM System i server.

Their paid services are relatively inexpensive and can allow access to the latest operating system – V7R1 as of this writing.

PUB400.com offers 250 MB of storage with free account on AS/400 System i running v7r3.

AS/400 free account

What all can you do with it?

  • Learn OS/400 operating system v7r3
  • Get a better handle on commands, command line automation and tools
  • Try out accessing DB2 with RPG, SQL, Control Language
  • Try out modern languages such as Java, Node and Python on OS/400
  • Teach someone OS/400, and much more

Why should you care?

IBM is still a very relevant company and their AS/400, aka System i, is still a relevant mid-range server. OS/400 operating system is up to date and their support is one of the best. IBM team in Rochester, MN consistently provides patches as and when needed. Their documentation is up kept up to date. Code examples are also easily available to do various business operations. It may not be the cool thing out there, but it is a well-maintained business workhorse. Instead of replacing a well-functioning and effective AS/400 system, I encourage using modern programming languages on it. Give it a try. You may or may not like it at first, but you will see the value it offers to businesses.